Yearly Membership

Pricing is in U.S. dollars. We will send a reminder email to let you know when next year’s payment is about to process. You may cancel at any time.

*Please note: If your total yearly cost is slightly more than $149.00 , it’s because I’m required to collect taxes for your state.


Comments on Yearly Membership

  1. Jane Higginbotham says:

    Please check and see if I am already a member, please

    1. Rachel Boerner, Membership Support says:

      Hello, Jane! I do show that you are a current member. If you have questions about your account, please email us at Thank you!

      1. Deborah Ruebush says:

        I wanted to change my email, because I wanted to make sure I had access if I should leave this district. Is that a problem?

        1. Rachel Boerner, Membership Support says:

          Hello, Deborah! You can certainly update your email address under My Account. If you have any issues, just email us at We’re happy to assist you!

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